Coaches Code of Conduct | Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse
Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse is open to all boys and girls in the Pittsburgh area. We practice in Fox Chapel, PA. We are a non-profit, community based program run by volunteers who are interested in creating a fun and challenging developmental lacrosse progr

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PYLAX Code of Conduct Agreement for Recreational Coaches


By reading and signing this code, all Recreational Coaches from the Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse agree to abide by the following rules of conduct as established by the PYLAX Board of Directors:


I,  ____________________________________________________________________

1. agree to teach the players respect for themselves, the opponent, and the officials;

2. will teach the players sportsmanship and proper on-field conduct;

3. will provide a fun learning environment for the players;

4. will teach progressive improvements in technical proficiency and tactical knowledge while promoting self-esteem equally in all players;

5. will encourage safe, competitive, fair play and will reward improvement and effort, regardless of skill, and regardless of the outcome of any game;

6. agree to dress in a clean and proper manner while coaching because coaches are examples to their players;

7. agree to be punctual in arriving at practices and games;

8. agree not to leave practices or games until all players have been picked up by a parent, guardian or other authorized adult;

9. will refrain from teaching unsafe or unsportsmanlike methods to the players;

10. will refrain from teaching or promoting unsportsmanlike songs, cheers or chants to the players;

11. will refrain from seeking any advantage beyond that of superior skill tactics and fitness;

12. understand that decisions by the officials should be accepted without rancor or anger, no matter how unfair they may seem, I further understand that the use of behavior, verbal or physical, which is intimidating toward the official (including vulgar, improper, foul, demeaning, and/or abusive language) is grounds for immediate dismissal as a coach;

13. will instruct parents in proper behavior at games, including respect for the officials, the opposing parents, and both sets of players; I understand that spectator control is my responsibility, and if the official must take measures to control the game, he/she cannot take them with the parents so he/she will take them with me, as Coach;

14. agree to abide by the rules and directives of Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse and US lacrosse;


Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse believes that winning is desirable, but winning at any cost defeats the purpose of the game.  Losing can be a triumph when the team has given its' best effort.  PYLAX emphasizes to all coaches that our teams should be a positive example for all players and parents statewide.  We will show respect to everyone, both on and off the field.  It is the duty of the Coach, and his/her assistants, as leaders of the team, to teach their team these important values.


Violation of any of these rules may lead to your dismissal as a Coach.  I understand the PYLAX Board of Directors will evaluate situations as they occur.  I agree to abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct as detailed above.



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